Monday, May 24, 2010

Tomato Soup

Delicious fresh made tomato-basil soup! We started by sauteing onions, carrots and garlic, added diced tomatoes, chicken broth and basil, brought to boil and simmered for 20 minutes. The trick is after it was cooked we used an immersion blender to make it all smooth and creamy. Of course when you have tomato soup you need to have grilled cheese! On the side we had some baked crispy kale chips - Mohit discoverd this recipe, just toss kale pieces in olive oil and salt, and bake on a cookie sheet - they taste amazing and totally un-kale like. For desert: ice cream sundaes with walnuts, bananas, strawberries and chocolate sauce! Is the new ice cream maker a bad sign for our waistlines? Possibly.

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