Monday, June 7, 2010

Shahi paneer and Rotis

We had some paneer left over from the BBQ, so we made shahi-paneer. More importantly, we also made rotis (aka chapatis)...surprisingly easy to get started, but hard to finish right...takes a lot of practice to get to the "round n' fluffy" stage...where we'll get someday. This time, we were pretty happy they tasted good. To make the paneer (thanks Mom for quick over-the-phone recipes, as usual), we started with the basic onions and tomatoes mix, and then added a little bit of yogurt to give a creamy taste. After the paste was thick, added spices and paneer cubes (while waiting for the gravy, eat some paneer with salt and pepper), heated for 5-10 minutes covered and then turned the heat off, but left it covered. A recipe I read suggested cooking paneer on the side first with a little bit of oil, so it gets roasted and then adding it later...something to try next time. Another delicious, healthy meal :)

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