Sunday, October 24, 2010

Thai Food

Mohit food some cool Thai cooking kits and we were excited to try some stuff out! We made chicken with the holy basil seasoning paste, which was OK. Yummy salad with tomatoes from our garden, nice cucumbers and red pepper. But the highlight was the Tom Kha Gai soup - highly recommend this!

Smoked Salmon

We got this new smoker, which is very easy to use. It came with 4 types of wood chips and we semi randomly choose alder for smoking our salmon. My favorite part was the thinly sliced lemon pieces on top. And we went ahead and cooked broccoli in there too... is smoked broccoli a thing? I don't know, but it worked.

Pav Bhaji

Meenali brought the pav and we made the bhaji. I was in such a hurry to eat it I couldn't be bothered to take a good photo... oh well.

Chilli Relleno

This was the first chilli pepper to grow from our garden. I sliced it open, stuffed it with cheddar cheese, fried it up and topped with sauce.