Sunday, August 14, 2011

The story of a squash

We have a small garden which has only seen limited success. So I was pretty excited when our squash plant produced a squash! Apparently squash are better when they are small, so we probably should have picked this sooner... whoops. It tasted fine to me, though it did have a few big seeds.

One squash was not enough to make a dinner, so we enlisted an onion, 2 zucchini, rice and chicken. I wanted to make something simple so we could still taste the squash. We cut up the veggies and coated with a little vinegar and sesame chilli oil. Then we stir fried it in some vegetable oil and added some soy sauce and sesame seeds. We cooked the chicken in a cast iron skillet to get a nice char.

The squash plant is getting pretty big, so hopefully we'll be getting some more squash soon...